What do we do as a sustainable company?

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RS Sustainability

RS Sustainability is a consultancy firm focused on corporate social responsibility and procurement. We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) cannot be missing within an organization. For us, this means that we want to create an optimal balance between the People, Planet and Profit areas within our organization and the environment in which we work together. We provide knowledge in the field of socially responsible procurement and thereby contribute to a sustainable society. We do this by working on an optimal balance between results, innovation and sustainability, where respect for people and the environment is our main focus.

Our core values

Stimulate circular solutions

Act climate conscious

Good working conditions for everyone

Our work

Do you want your business to be more sustainable and do you want to pay more attention to socially responsible procurement? We can help you achieve this by:

Sustainable Procurement (SP)
  • The preparation of a strategic SP plan (based on the ISO20400 guideline)
  • Organizing circular commissioning
  • Mapping your production chains with the associated risk analysis
  • Organizing and embedding SP in your purchasing organization
  • Organizing category management in your organization
  • Performing complex procurement projects (SP) for you
  • Making achieved sustainability results measurable


  • Writing and implementing a CSR policy
  • Developing a circular business model
  • Organizing return processes for the reuse, recycling and upcycling of products

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