On Wednesday, 14th and Thursday, 15th of September 2021, the textile industry will see its first edition of the Circular Textile days event, in Amersfoort.

Circular Textile Days

This two-day, annual event aims at sustainability, circularity and innovation. The convention is internationally oriented and for this reason completely in English. It’s the place to be for everybody in the textile industry with a special interest in sustainability and circular textile.
17 million tonnes of non-renewable materials per year.

The importance of the convention is high: the European textile industry uses about 17 million tonnes of non-renewable materials per year. These sources are finite. Moreover, the huge amount of clothing-waste pollutes the earth. A transition to circular processes is crucial to significantly decrease this. This is what the Circular Textile Days event is all about.
Knowledge and relevant, reliable information Circular work pants and sportswear, safety vests of recycled textile, a dress of recycled
polyester: all to seduce the sustainable-minded customer. But what is circular textile actually about? And how can you assure circularity? How do you differentiate between what’s true and false about sustainability and circularity and how can you prevent deception? By gaining
relevant and reliable knowledge on the Circular Textile Days. It will become clear to you what circular textile means, what the current (im)possibilities are regarding recycling - either chemical or mechanical - and which circular initiatives exist. Moreover, you can network and
create new opportunities for cooperation or partnerships.

NTA 8195 and EPR in the spotlight
Governments and end-users of workwear are having more and more specific questions about circular textile. An important point of attention during this edition of the expo, is the introduction of the NTA 8195 Circular Textile, recently published by the NEN. The current
attention for the EPR (extended producer responsibility for waste management, UPV in Dutch) amplifies this point.

Ruud Scheerder will present how to use the NTA8195 in European Tenders.

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